The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

May 31, 2021 9:48 PM | Tina Maura (Administrator)

Are you in the mood for something a little different to read?  I may have a book for you.  The Travelling Cat Chronicles tells the story of a man and his cat as they go on a journey.  It was a bestseller in Japan and has been made into a movie. 

I will tell you that in this book, the cat Nana willingly goes on a road trip with Satoru, the man who adopted her.  As a cat person, I believe this puts the book squarely in fairy tale territory.  I have never known a cat who would willingly get into a motor vehicle.  But I am willing to suspend my disbelief for the sake of this lovely story.

Part of the narration is first person Nana, who starts life as a street cat and has the appropriate tough attitude.  He (yes) is won over by Satoru and fried chicken strips.  Eventually they go on the road trip together.  They visit various friends of Satoru, and the series of visits creates a sort of history of Satoru’s life.  Satoru, by the way, is a terrific guy and has a lot of fine friends.  He not only has a real connection with Nana but also with a number of his fellow human beings. 

But why are they on the trip? For that, you will have to read the book, which I heartily recommend you do.  I will tell you that the books has sadness as well as sweetness.  It is written in a lighthearted manner but the underlying theme of love for friends, with or without fur, is a serious one.

You can find the book and downloadable audiobook here.

Happy Reading!

The Book Goddess

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