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The Friends of the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach was founded in 1995 and reconstituted in 2008 to support our new, expanded facility. We are an involved, vibrant group of community library supporters dedicated to aiding and initiating library projects and programs. Membership offers the opportunity to share in creating, promoting, and nurturing a great library.

Members receive discounted entry to events, early notice of registration for certain events, and opportunities to share their talents.


The Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach



The City of West Palm Beach is currently creating the FY20-21 annual budget. During the August 10, 2020 City Commission meeting, the City presented the preliminary budget. To make up for a $10 million shortfall, the City proposed cuts of  30%+ to the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. This cut would mean laying off 12.5 full-time employees and 12 library pages (on-call/part-time staff members). For comparison, according to the proposed preliminary budget, the Library will have the highest percentage in reduction of any City department with a -33.4% totaling ($1,634,743.00).

In response the outcry of our residents, the City presented a second option during the August 17, 2020 Budget Work Session. The second option distributes cuts evenly at 5% across the board for every City department, except fire and police.

We are asking you to support YOUR City Library and the dedicated staff who create all of the vital community programs. Please contact the Mayor, City Administrators, and all the City Commissioners and thank them for creating and supporting alternative budget solutions to the Library shouldering the burden of balancing the budget. You may contact them via direct mail, email, and phone calls, as well as leave a voicemail, or attend the next Commission meeting on Monday, August 24.

CLICK HERE  FOR CONTACT INFORMATION AND DISCUSSION POINTS. PLEASE REACH OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The City will present the FY21 proposed budget at the August 24th City Commission meeting. Time is running out for our elected officials to request adjustments to the budget. PLEASE SHARE.

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